USNH HR Office Holiday Schedule and Contact Information

New FTE Calculator Tool

Due to requirements of the Affordable Care Act the formulas needed to calculate FTE have changed. The new FTE Calculator Tool incorporates these formula changes.

2019-20 Old Year/ New Year

Our roll to Old Year/ New Year is in process. the date is set for the weekend of June 28th. All of the useful information and critical dates can be found in the following linkOY/NY Useful Information & Critical Dates.

USNH Affordable Care Act Response

The following document addresses questions regarding how USNH is fulfilling the requirements of the Affordable Care Act: USNH Affordable Care Act Response.

Revised EPAF Upload documents

After completing a thorough review, all the EPAF Upload documents have been updated for accuracy and consistency. Besides better cheat-sheet descriptions the upload spreadsheets themselves have been revised to better match the required column formats and thus minimize errors in the upload process. The new documents can be found here Banner HR Training.

Banner HR Security Request Changes

On Sunday, August 24th, 2014 UNH IT Accounts will be implementing a new USNH Banner HR Security Request process. The new simplified process will be more efficient in establishing Banner HR access and will require employee and supervisor acceptance. View the full announcement at Banner HR Security Request Changes.

Best Practice Reminders for Web Time Entry (WTE)

USNH Payroll has sent out a refresher to all approvers and approver proxies regarding
best practices to be used in web time entry.  The document can be accessed via this link: WTE - Best Practice Reminders

Acceptable Use Policy

Each year it is our practice to send out a reminder to all Banner HR users to be especially careful with the access, review and disposition of sensitive employee information which includes, but is not limited to data about birth date, annual or hourly salary, benefits, and social security numbers. The full detail can be found at Acceptable Use Policy.

Payroll Calendar

The complete calendar of Payroll deadlines can be found on the Controller's website at:


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Got Questions?

Call the Help Desk at 603.862.4242, or you may submit your question via the Web by completing a Banner Support Request Form.

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